Sunday, 7 July 2013

Hot Hot Hot!

Well hello again all.....

So summer has finally arrived and for that im thankful. Im more of a autumn winter person but tbh where i have been so ill i have welcomed it this year.

so schools nearly out and my daughters is due to finish for the summer and so i have been busy making teacher gifts for her lovely teachers these have taken longer than i liked as i have made them all without patterns. im really pleased with them so far i have made.....

 a mug cosy


A little apple key ring

 and a apple cosy 

Each have been made with slightly different colours as my daughters reception class has 2 teachers and a TA (the TA's set will be red with a green apple). all which work so so hard to keep the madness under control lol. my daughter is making apple thank you cards and we are putting her hand print in air drying clay with thank you for being my teacher on it written by her.

I love how they have all come out and know the teachers will love them.

I cant believe my little girl will be in year 1 in September time is going so fast but she is doing so well and loves learning. i have no idea what im going to do with her over the 6 weeks but im sure will be lots of fun times ahead.

I will be starting my Christmas and Halloween items as well as a Christmas check list so keep checking my blogg out.

I hope everyone is enjoying the weather were ever you are.


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